Thursday, December 17, 2009

A movie Can't Wait to be Watched

Almost as excited as my eldest son, Ciren King, when we read from the newspaper that Alvin and the Chipmunks are coming back. I mean, they will have a follow up movie from their first one to be shown early next year. These chipmunks really had me and the kids laughing specially the part wherein they sing the “ Bad Day “ of Robbie Williams. ( I don’t know if that’s the correct title, its just that the song goes this way.. ‘cause we had a bad day..) lol! The kids almost pee on their shorts too when they sang “ Funky Town “ in an acapella version. Remembering that movie had me searching for it from their pile of CD’s and watched it again last night. Perfect for the season because the movie’s theme is for Christmas and seeing one of the toys that Alvin had, Ciren told me “ that’s the one Mommy!, I’ll ask Santa to give me a toy like that.” Hmm quite expensive, but will see if Daddy Santa can afford it. hehe..

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