Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Charming Little Princess

I don't know why I don't have internet connection at our house last night, however, it was just the third or fourth time that SmartBro failed me. I thought maybe there's a connection with the power interruption that occured last night at our place, good thing it took only one hour and then it resumed but unfortunately the server was still down.

So, since I'm determined to stay up late again because I'm supposed to finish my online task, I just opened my Adobe Photoshop Software and came up with this.

She is my eldest daughter and she will soon turn three this end of March, MY LITTLE ME as what most people say when they see us. Such a kikay like me and as talkative like her Dad ( she got her PR talent at her Dad, maybe someday  she'll be into Sales too like him). We call her "Erin Girl" and sometimes our slang version of it which is "Eng-gerl".=)

credits: Freebies from Shabby Princess &
Raspberry Road Design



  1. Sometimes it is really sad if your internet connection is down, you have a deadline that needs the connection and you don't know why. By the way, Super Advance Happy Birthday to your little girl Erin! She's adorable.

  2. What a great way to stay awake while finishing your tasks! :)

  3. yeah, when I ran out of ideas to write I do digital scrapping:)
    after that, I'm on the go again:) how's your pregnancy?hope you and your baby
    are both doing good!

  4. Your right kay, good thing I'm back into business again, got to finish that task ASAP! Oh and thanks for the advance greetings and the compliment:) visit me again!



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