Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Preparing For School

My husband and I decided to enroll my two kids in a pre-school this year. As early as today, I have been looking for a high-quality school to provide them excellent education. Though it's still a bit early, I am now looking for school items for them to use when school year comes this June. I want to find cool school things for them to be more inspired in their first step of learning. Of course having personalized backpacks to use will give them a nice first impression from their classmates. Just imagine how neat it will be to have their names embroidered on their bags instead of putting a boring bag tag. But then, Erin told me that she wants to have flowers and butterflies in her bag together with her name on it. Actually, she is really into fairies and princess and as I searched for plenty of bag manufacturers that caters personalized bags, I stumbled upon Stephen Joseph Backpacks and I was tempted to inquire if they have this kind of design for my daughter.

I know that I’ll save a lot if I buy their stuff today than wait till the school year starts. So little by little, I purchased cool and fun pencils for them. There are number of cute designs for their notebooks and erasers just perfect for my kids’ wild imagination.

The little ones are used to having their naptime after they had their lunch. And I have been quite worried on how will it be if their schedule falls on the time for their nap. Luckily, as one of the schoolteacher told me, they have naptime too! That explains why they require parents to bring nap mat for each student and for sure the kids will be much thrilled to have it personalized too.


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