Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BusinessWorld Christmas Party ’09

                Credits: The Shabby Princess Free Kits

As I have mentioned earlier, last Friday was our company’s Christmas Party. It started with a mass, followed by a breakfast treat of coffee and “puto-bungbong” then with a raffle by which they called as an “ early-bird raffle “. Luckily, your girl here won a 1,000 Gift Check from Bo’s Coffee, what an appetizer! Lol!

Our President was called for an opening remarks and announced that we will be receiving our one month bonus this payday. ( We’re all hoping for not just one but two month bonus, but as we all half expect, they can only give in for one, bye Christmas Bonus)*sad*

So on with the party, to uplift the dismayed spirits of the employees, they started on with the games. Little me, here, was hand picked to join. I had no choice but to stand up in front together with the other players. The game’s objective: first one to finish eating whatever inside the bag wins. I happened to be the first in line and I got “polvoron”! Kudos to my guy team mates, they were so kind enough to open a bottle of water for me when I nearly choked on that food. Bootomline was, we won! And had another Gift Check from Wendy’s worth Php500, not bad for a very childish game.LOL!

While lunch was being served, our host announced that there will be a another game, but an effortless one. Below each chair they put a balloon, about 25 piceces, we just have to look if our chairs have it. Lucky me again, my chair had a green one! *cheers*, in exchange to that I got another GC from Wendy’s worth Php200.

I didn’t won in the major raffle but this year’s party was fair enough for me. I got to bagged GC’s to spend before the year ends plus, the party was done around 1pm only, that gave me extra time to stroll in the mall and buy this stuffs for my little ones as “pasalubongs”.

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