Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cien Riley's 6th Monthsary

How time flies, my youngest daughter, Cien, turned 6th month last Saturday. She was born on the 12th of June, that her dad almost gave her the name “Independencia” LOL! At her age, she got two lower teeth, a milestone for her because as her pediatrician told us, she has an advanced development. Even before she turned 5 months, she was allowed to take solid foods, like Cerelac and mashed veggies and her first tooth came out during those month too. Hubby was still at the office when we took pictures of her special day. We had “pansit” and half roll cake for meryenda that we shared with some relatives. ( my mom always complained of why we always buy cake during her monthsary, for according to her that was not practical enough because those cakes stayed for almost 2 weeks inside the ref unconsumed!LOL! )She was sleepy during our picture taking, that’s why most of her pictures had that pouty look. When the sun came down, we went out for a chit-chat with my tito’s and tita’s who were sitting outside. Ciren and Erin had their playtime. Running around here and there, making my voice hoarse because of the frequent shouting like, “don’t go there!”, don’t touch that! Careful! Hayzz, KIDS!

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