Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flash Effects

I was looking at the pictures I took last Saturday and I was amazed by the effects of the flash to the pictures below. As I try hard to know and learn more about  photography, one thing that comes in my mind when taking pictures ( im only using a P&S camera*sad*), as per my boss' advice who also fancy photography, If im aiming to shoot a subject which is against the light, i should use the flash, to eliminate having a shadowed and dark result. But I know such advise is very simple and basic compare to those who'se really into photography especially using DSLR camera, but it helped me achieved a nice-to-look at pictures.

Searching for a more reliable explanation on how i came out with these photos, I found one at Wikipedia. Comments and reactions to this post will be greatly appreciated specially from those who are into Photography.

Lighting produced by direct flash (upper photo) and bounced flash (lower photo)

Image exposed without additional lighting (upper photo) and with fill flash (lower photo)

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