Monday, December 7, 2009

Digiscrapping using MS Powerpoint 2007

My boss is not around today, he has a schedued annual medical check up for this year. So, as I took charge of his seat.. internet connection is as usual, so slooow.. as in it looks like were using a dial up connection=(.. instead of just staring at the monitor waiting for something to happen, I opened up MS Powerpoint. Before i learned the basics of photoshop, im into this program whenever I want to make a collage of photos. In the older version of powerpoint, you cannot rotate the pictures in an oblique position plus the slides available are very few and boring.Thank goodnes, they upgraded my boss' computer. He's now using MS Office 2007.
Here's a few samples that I did using MS Powerpoint 2007:
LorieM Designs
Shabby Princess
Now I can continue digiscrapping during break time here in the office even without the use of Photoshop.wee!!

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