Monday, December 7, 2009


Yes I felt guilty as of this moment. I've been thinking of my middle child, Erin. She got this "singaw" on her mouth for a few days now, having a hard time eating, she just drinks "milo" and eats ice cream and no other solid foods. She can't even have her milk using her feeding bottles. So I decided to take her to her pedia yesterday. During Sundays, she holds her clinic at TMC SM Marikina. Hubby attended a friends' son's baptismal, right after having lunch, I prepared Ciren and Erin, mom took care of Cien. Upon check up, Dra. Araneta-Sanchez prescribed a some kind of a mouth spray, if ever the "singaw" still won't get away. Aside from the Daktakort, Pyralvex and Xylogel that I've been putting on Erin's mouth. Since, were at the SM, we strolled around after her check up. Too bad I did not bring our camera, SM had this nice white christmas design on the ground floor. In there were almost real-life Panda, Polar Bear ( upon seeing them I told Ciren, look oh! Papa Bear... and Ciren bluntly told me, no! its a Polar Bear! ) geez.. kids these days are way smarter huh! There's also a family of Unicorns and Tigers.. and they move! as if they are alive.. Back to Erin, upon arriving home I thought she'd be ok na, she asked for a chicken, played with his brother and even had christmas carols with her playmates. Time for bed, and maybe she got tired, she fell asleep as soon as she lied down to her bed. But during midnight, she woke up and started crying again, as in loud cry! I comforted so her other siblings won't be disturbed. But as I keep on doing that, she just keeps on crying and saying that her mouth hurts, that her bed was wet..and other things she complained just to justify her wail. Until I lost my patience, i told her if she won't stop crying I'll let her sleep in the living room, she stopped and there she goes again. Crying and wailing until Cien and Ciren cried too.Because of that, I happened to spank her buttocks and i really scolded her. Almost 1:30 am, and i think she got tired of crying,until she said she'll sleep on my shoulder. So there, sobbing and then falling into sleep. This morning, we left her still asleep. We didn't wake her up since she needs more sleep.But now that Im here in the office, Im thinking of her. Mom wasn't answering my texts on how is she. There's no phone at home and I can't talk to her. I texted my mom and told her to tell Erin that I will bring her "pasalubong" when I get home, my peace offering. Now i miss Erin more upon completing this entry.

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