Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Blabbing

Why scrapolous mom of three? I know it should be spelled as "scrupulous" but what I meant with the word "Scrapolous" is actually just to connect what I intend to post in this blogsite. Yes, Im nearly getting addicted to digiscrapping. Mom of three, well, obviously, I have 3 kids..oh well you can see it in my "About Me Section" don't have to further elaborate again=). But where are my digiscrapped posts??!! They are all waiting for the right time to be posted, lol! Honestly, its because Im getting intimidated, the more i browse for different sites related to digiscrapping. Why? Its because Digiscrapper' works out there are way too fabulous. I mean, even though a new digiscrapper will say that she's a newbie, but her LO were whoa! I dunno what you can call of my works then, lol! Yes, i do have a background in Photoshop..I done editing pictures, made invitations for all occasions..for my kids birthdays and other celebrations. But as I stumbled upon shabbyprincess' site. Tried downloading one of the free kits, tried to unzipped it, then, without any idea on what to do next with it, I just saved it on my USB Drive then forgot about it. Upon arriving at home from the office, had dinner and tucked my kids to bed, umm..including hubby, I sneaked out of our room, as I usually do. Just to be able to open and use my lappy. I tried to open my CS3, got my USB, open a digiscrapping site for some tutorials and from that night on.. Im hooked. Since there's no photoshop software installed in the office, I searched for an on online digiscrapping site and I landed at Scrapblog. Voila! digiscrapped invites came out. Yup, I used scrapblog to create invitations.. didn't think at first that it would be nice too to create nice LO using it to give my everyday pictures a different look. Maybe one of these days, i'll have the courage to post my previous works here.. that's all..just blabbing..

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