Monday, December 7, 2009

lotsa drafts

Hmm.. here I go again, I dunno if im a trying hard blogger or what, lolz! As of now I have three draft blogs waiting to be posted. Why am i not publishing it yet?well, its because I'm still contemplating if it will be nice if I inserted some pics on each blogs or it won't make any difference at all. Im just a beginner, so upon looking at my blog, and see that I only have 2 or three posts.. It make me thinks twice, if I can keep up with my blogging with my busy and hectic schedules. hayzzz, jut looking at other bloggers site, how I wish I started blogging a long time ago, instead of spending my time browsing at Friendster and Facebook account..oh and another one my Multiply account. Hope by next year I'll be able to put nice posts in here for others to read.another hayzz..

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