Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Power of Two

I didn’t know that hubby was also eyeing the DSLR camera that Tita Melda’s son was using when we were at their house last Sunday. Im not sure though if it’s a Canon or Nikon. He kept on capturing stolen shots with it and as I did that too, with my P&S Polariod camera, I envied him. If only I had a camera like this:
hayzz.. As I let hubby see the pictures that I took during the occasion, he said that they are nice. Its my first time to capture candid shots and hub likes them. A few samples here:
He said that maybe, it would be ok if we bought a DSLR camera too. Wee, I never expected that he would even entertain that idea. I said, are you sure? He said, why not?! He said, before, during their teenage years, his mom wanted him to study more about photography and he knows a little on how to take a good shot. Wasn’t it nice? Maybe, with the power of two, we will be able to buy that camera, maybe this Christmas? Lol! Im keeping my fingers cross!

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