Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembering College Days I

I opened up my Facebook account and upon seeing the photo comments of my old time college friend, Rhea, flashback of our college days heightened my hormones up to this moment.
 Another college friend of ours, Joanna, posted our pictures taken last January this year, when Rhea had a vacation here in the Philippines with her family. I was almost 7 months preggy with Cien during that time. With us, were Arien and Salve, together with her one year old baby.

Looking at those pictures, with our “barkada”, brought us lots of memories. Our college days was a mixture of fun, simple and struggling times for each one of us.

Fun, because we are always together in one block section. We never leave each other behind specially during enrollment with fear that one of us might be placed in a different class schedules. We almost complete a one block section ( we were nine girls in our “barkada” ). We’re practically together most of those days. The only time that we will be away from each other was during sem-breaks and other holidays. But still, our phones will be ringing, and we’ll talk and talk, as if we never ran out of topic. Well, actually that was just me and rhea lol!

Simple, because we were at our most simple and humble self during college days. We were not like our other classmates, who’ll spend money for dashing clothes, expensive cellphones, left and right gimmicks. We do hang out, but in each others place/house only. Maricel’s place was the one near our school so we went there more often. Watching DVD’s, videoke, eating and lots and lots of “chismisan”. None of us had a bf during that time, we were all allergic to boys. LOL!

Struggling times, because we all came from an average living family. And being a student of a State University that was subsidized by our government, with a very minimal amount of tuition fees, imagine, we only spent less than Php500 in one semester.( and we almost went into organizing a strike when it reaches to about Php600 when we were in 4th year. LOL! ). We were what they call“ ISKOLAR NG BAYAN “. So we made sure that are grades were always on the passing level, or else.. When we went to school, all we have were our exact allowance. No more no less. ( told you, we were not like those other students in private universities). So when we planned of having a gimmick, just strolling at the mall after class, have snacks at Jolibee or Mcdo, we all save for it ahead of time.( ganun kami katipid! Lol! )

Hayzz, those were the days. But at least we were all proud of our Alma Mater, Rizal Technological University. We achieved our Bachelor’s Degrees, landed a job and apply what we have learned in all aspects.

Umm.. I think I have to pause up to this point because as they all came back to me.. college days was a long telenovela for us. There are lots of kwentos about us, so maybe I’ll do it in my other blogs.

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