Monday, December 21, 2009

A Sumptous Lunch at KONBINI STORE

Been to North Greenhills this afternoon, but nope, not to go shopping but to visit Cien's Ninang. She had been inviting us since last week to drop by her house and its just today that we got the chance. We didn't brought Ciren and Erin, so its just Daddy, Mommy and Cien's day-out.
on our way to Greenhills..
She asked us if we had our lunch already and hubby told her that not yet, but we won't be staying too long because we left the other kids at my mom's house. She told us that we were just going to grab a lunch together with her daughter so off we went up to her car, and just a few minutes we've been cruising the Greenhills Shopping Center .. she asked her daugther where she wanted to eat, we passed UCC Coffee but she preferred the Japanese Restaurant beside it , the KONBINI STORE. It was my first time to dine in there, and since we were just treated by Cien's Ninang, she ordered the food for us. We were just four, her daughter, me and hubby plus Cien but she ordered a lot! as in the food can't fit on the table that we occupied. Just the appetizer alone was enough but the waiters kept on placing food before our eyes.
I just took a candid shot of our table when she went to the ladies room, just to share how the foods look like..
Actually, I felt out of place because as I discreetly scan the other customers, they are all chinky eyed! Its either they are Chinee or Japanese, nonetheless, Im the only with big eyes! hehe!
Anyway, KONBINI STORE as she said was not just a Japanese grocery store, its also a quaint little eatery wherein you can order freshly-cooked gyoza, tempura, and korroke among many others. ( dunno what gyoza and korroke means haha!). Out of curiosity I even asked a few questions to her, since according to her daughter, they are regular costumers of KONBINI. She said Konbini's food-ordering system is very high-tech. You get bar-coded cards with the type and quantity of food item you want and then have them swiped at the counter. There are also a lot of Japanese snack items and cooking ingredients available off the shelves. Well for those who are into Japanese foods, I've searched over the net its exact location and contact number in case you'll be interested.Konbini Store is located at #57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan. For take-out or pick up, you can contact 7224263.
It will take us forever to finish all those foods that she ordered so she said to the waiters that we will just take-out the rest. So as we left the store, she handed to us the plastic bags and said that they are all ours, then handed to me her Christmas gift to Cien, in an envelope.(hmm..for Cien's bank account).
They are both very fond of Cien, that she even joked us if she can borrow her. She only have Reese for a daughter and told us that it will be fun to have a baby in their house. We all just laughed at her joke and told her that the next time we'll visit them, we'll bring with us Cir en and Erin. As we went home we had our box of Oranges ( her Christmas gift to hubby ) , bags of take-out food and bibingka that we we even shared to the taxi driver. It was indeed a very sumptous lunch.
Reese Chang
Cien Riley with her Kinakapatid Reese

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  1. Cute kids! I haven't tried that resto yet but maybe I will when I go to Greenhills. FOOD GALORE!



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