Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Review on Brico TV

We had this TV since June this year, and until now I still haven’t explore its full function nor bother to read its specifications since hubby was the one who bought this from one of his clients, who is a distributor of imported appliances that are not usually seen at the malls. This TV came from UK and has an unusual size of 37”. We rarely find televisions with this size, unlike those 14”,21”, 32” and I think there’s 40”( not sure though ). We bought for an additional cost a bracket that will hold it up if hanged on the wall. The bracket has lock and a key, that makes it impossible to just hold the tv and un-hang it off the wall. ( safe from akyat-bahay gang LOL! )Since I don’t have the manual with me here, I searched for Brico and found some info’s about this TV.

To fully enjoy its quality, we recently subscribed to Cignal Satellite TV. But since its too late past my bedtime, i'll tell you more about it tomorrow. Signing off..

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