Monday, January 4, 2010

More to go for 2010

2010.. Back to reality! LOL! Well, Long vacation ended yesterday and here I am at the office doing some cleaning up on my desk. I did some recording and filing of my documents that had been lurking at my incoming and outgoing tray since last year. Dusted off my computer and replaced the old pictures at my table’s glass cover ( recent pictures of my three kids and hubby this past Christmas and New Year ). I haven’t posted anything in here aside from my post last Jan 01 simply because I’m at home and my kids can’t get enough of me, LOL! They were literally clinging on me most of the time, especially Cien, my youngest, who didn’t want to be left on her crib. Hubby complained, as always, that our kids love me more than him. I consoled and told him that maybe its because they were all breast fed by me, that’s why the bond between us is much stronger, but surely, our kids love him too.

Anyhoo, will post on how we celebrated New Year later and other missed “kwentos” in the afternoon after I finish my pending works that piled up from last year. Hopefully, this year I’ll be able to “document” all my thoughts in here and do some more of my digiscrapping.


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  1. Happy new year! Naku ang hirap nga to be back to work but recalling the festivities of the holidays are the best medicine :)



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