Monday, January 4, 2010

My Cien Riley Dit It Again

Just a quick post about my youngest daughter..

Upon arriving home a while ago, my mom told me that Cien went on a hunger strike again.I thought she's over that habit, not drinking her milk unless its a preserved expressed milk or she will nurse directly from me since she's almost seven months on the 12th of this month. Good thing she's now allowed to eat Cerelac and other mashed fruits and veggies unlike before when my mom almost cried too because she can see that even though she's hungry she wont drink her formula milk and  will just sleep it off until i got home from the office.

I know, because it had been a long vacation and maybe she taught that it will be for long that I'll be with her, to nurse her. I ran out of stored expressed milk for her that's why my  mom opted to give her formula milk today. Well good thing, while im at the office the  whole day, I got to pumped milk for her consumption tomorrow.. before I sleep tonight i might do some more pumping for her.


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