Thursday, April 15, 2010

She Just Turned Three!

credits: Butterfly Princess Freebie Kit from Mommy Scraps

Celebrated her 3rd birthday at Club Manila East. More ramblings about that day on my other blog. ( yes, I'm cooking up a new blog so that this one will get to focus on my Digital Scrapbook Arts alone.)

Ain't this kit looks so girly? Just a perfect freebie for my Erin girl who loves pink like her mom and same goes with flowers and butterflies. By the way, I just did this layout through MS Powerpoint and you can try it out too! Just go to Mommy Scraps and download the free kit, unzip the file and you can insert the images just as if your inserting a picture for a presentation. After you collaborate all the paper and elements together with your persoanl pictures you can save it as JPEG and voila! you're done. A simple step for a beginner especially if you have no idea yet about Photoshop.

( Feel free to ask me if I tickled your creative mind about this, though I'm still learning my way on this hobby )

Warning: Digital Scrapbooking is addicting! Enjoy!


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