Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Valentine's Freebie Set

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. This year I'm kind of excited for this occasion since it's been a while since hubby and I had a serious date. He already asked me to find an interesting place where we could go. Good thing I had one place in mind courtesy of one of my fellow blogger.

So that explains this freebie set I found:

click the image to go to the designer's website

Now that I'm back into collecting Free Digital Kits, my laptop's memory will surely be filled with freebies and it's performance will slow down once again just like what happened months ago. I guess I would have to buy several CD-R or perhaps DVD-R and burn copy these freebies before they eat up all my laptop's storage capacity. Of course an Extra Hard Drive (EHD) will be more convenient than doing all the works of burning files from laptop to blank media, but that is not on my budget yet. Maybe in the near future or if hubby will give it to me as a gift (just like when he gave me a TP-Link Router on my birthday last year).

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