Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reviving This Blog

After being in a super long hiatus, I'm back here.. my very first blog. I admit, I completely abandoned this blog because I got too busy with so many things especially with my parenting blog and the other which is a review blog. I got so little time doing digital scrapping hence, I decided to give this one a rest. But lately, I've been thinking of putting up a new blog.. and then Google updated PR's and guess what, Scrapolous Mom of Three which lost its PR2 long time ago, was back with that same Page Rank again! Now, I've been wondering how did it happen when I'm no longer updating this one? Well I guess Google just gave me a sign of not to make another blog instead revive this one and to inspire me, Mr. G gave back my Page Rank!
Oh well, so many blabs huh!
I'll just do the best that I can to find time if not to create crafts but at least give those who will pay me a visit something that they can read on.

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