Thursday, January 27, 2011

Digital Scrapping Terms and Definitions

With my two personal blogs, I'm sure I'll have some visitors who are not so familiar with this blog's concept. They will see my previous crafts and would probably wonder what is Digital Scrapping is. So to start with, let me give you some of the terms that you can encounter if you happen to be interested in this kind of hobby:
Alphas- Decorative alphabet letters to creative titles for your layouts. Each letter is a separate element, however some alphas are all in one file and must be “cut” out.
Birthday Club- If you are a member of DSP, and have allowed email from the administrators, then on your birthday you will receive a coupon for a free page kit on your birthday. You will get to choose from an assortment of page kits.
Challenge- When a member, moderator, or designer says to masses, I challenge you to do this, just for fun. It’s not a contest, just something fun for everyone to participate in. Normally prizes are not given out, however from time to time the challenge issuer may give out incentive gifts for anyone who participates.
Embellishments- Objects added to a scrapbook page to enhance it, such as ribbons, fibers, tags, charms, stickers, etc.
Fibers- A fancy thread used to decorate scrapbook pages
Inspiration- Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, which is inspired. Inspiration is often given out, such as a color pallet, a sketch, a magazine ad, another layout, a word, a quote, etc.
JPEG- Joint Photographic Experts Group, a file extension supporting a broad range of subtle colors specifically for photographs. Smaller file size due to image compression. This type of file can degrade your image.
Mosaic- A technique in scrapbooking where you cut photos, paper, etc. into small shapes and then piece them together to create a mosaic look.
Page Kit- Papers, mats, various elements, etc. files are all individual giving you the freedom to layout the page in your own way using as much or as little of the items in the kit as you wish.
PSD- native file format for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
Quick Click Template- The QuickClick Template system is a wonderful new product that gives you the creative license to make unique layouts by filling in the "blanks (shapes)." The design work is won't have to think about placement of your photos or accent papers because we have carefully designed these "interactive sketches" for you!
SWAP- Two scrappers exchange photos to scrap for each other, or a group organizes a regular photo swap
Word Art- Quotes and titles using 1 or more decorative fonts to create an artistic overlay for your layouts.
These and many more alien words if you are just starting to get interested in Digiscrapping..
Personally speaking I started enjoying this craft with freebies like quick template. The process is pretty simple, just drag your photos to the ready made template and your done with your very first masterpiece!
I got this free quick template design months ago..
Quick Template from Polka Dot Plum Designs
here's my craft using the image above in .png format
(husband's face blurred because he begged me not to sprawl anymore his pictures over the worldwide web, wish granted!)


  1. thanks for the info sis... i have serif digital scrapbook but I don't know how to use it yet *lol*

  2. Thanks for sharing! If you allow, I'd like to add a few more that confused me at first:

    LO - layout!
    DH, DD, DS - dear husband, dear daughter, dear son
    PNG - Portable Network Graphics. A file format usually used for embellishments/elements so that some portions are transparent.
    Scraplift - when you are inspired by someone else's layout and make a LO out of it (crediting the original scrapper)

  3. @gwacie, thanks for adding these! I'll try to make another part of these Digital Scrapping Lingos:)
    @realm, beware sis because Digital Scrapping is 100% addicting:)

  4. someday, I'm going to try digital scrapping too. Kasi parang nice past time siya :)



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