Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wee! Another Freebie Day for me..
Little Buckaroo Freebie Kit from
Peppermint Creative

Though I don't think I'll get to use this Freebie kit for my boy since I can't remember him having pictures of a cowboy or at least an outfit near that theme. If I get my spare time sometime this week, I might grab some of my friend's son's picture and make a project for her as my gift to her son who turned three last month. 

Freebie kits usually consists of different papers, elements and alphas that you can all put together to make a craft. For this kit it includes Includes: 6 papers, 3 cardboard stars, 4 wordart tabs, 2 frames, 2 journal mattes, 2 sheriff stars, 2 tags, 2 stapled ropes, 1 wire frame, 4 wordart, 1 felt hat, 1 felt boot, 1 chrome gun, 1 brad, 2 fan flowers.

The link to this freebie will expire on February 08, 2011 so hurry and grab it now! 

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