Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cancelled Date

So it's already March. I don't know if it was because February has only 28 days that it seemed to end so fast or I just got so busy with my work and my family. I was supposed to have a date with my two friends whom I haven't seen for a couple of months now. We intended to spend the whole day chatting and catching up with our lives but my youngest daughter intervened again.

Just right after we finalized our gimmick for Saturday, my Mom told me that Cien's temperature seemed a little strange. Immediately I took our digital thermometer and indeed, she has a slight fever. And that's about it.

I texted my two friends that if my daughter's fever won't be gone by the following day, I have no choice but to cancel our date. They said they understand and said will wait for my message early in the morning. Cien's fever remained to be 38 at around 5am, and since I am already awake by that time, I officially cancelled our supposed to be girl bonding (sad).

Once again, the mommy-in-me rose up, that even though my Mom assured me that she can take care of my daughter and that I can still go, I said no. I can't afford to have fun when I know that my daughter is not feeling well, I want her to be as lively and happy as she was in these pictures when I leave her and go out for a gimmick:
My one year and nine month old daughter
that's her silly face pose:)

Mommies out there, what do you usually do in situation like this? Care to share?

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