Tuesday, May 10, 2011

E-invites? Nope! In Cardstock Perhaps!

In the world of e-mails and e-invites, you might be wondering if there are still people who would love to receive post cards inside their mail box or be handed out with a business card made of pure Card Stock. But of course there are!
Today’s era could just be the perfect time to introduce products made of Cardstock Paper. Traditionally, people depend solely on paper products to carry out clear communication with others. However, there could be times where it has to be thicker to stand the test of time or the number of people who would probably get a hand on it. Hence, the rise of thicker paper called Cardstock. Post cards go through crucial stage from the Post Office itself and until it reach the recipient. Because cardstocks are made to be more define and durable, your post cards will remain in its original form no matter how tough it is to be sent.
On the other hand, if you are more on the creative type of person, you can find plenty of Card Stock in different weights, textures and colors. Of course it would vary according to your needs. In making invitations, cardstock could be your number one choice of material. You can choose whether you would want it to be glossy or matte finished. You can have a good print based on the surface of the cardstock you chose. You can even save lots on ink if you would choose colored cardstock over plain white ones. Yes, there are wide array of colors you can choose from along with your preferred texture to match with it.
Cardstock could be tricky to purchase especially when it comes to weight. Buyer must be familiar with the word pounds, sheets, inches and the likes. However, there are suppliers who are more willing to help and their customers in choosing the right cardstock for them.

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