Friday, March 25, 2011

I Found a New Digiscrapping Source!

My two children's Moving Up day and Recognition Day is over and of course I acquired lots of pictures from that event. I'm planning to Digiscrap some of those photos but I'm having a hard time looking for cute and extra-ordinary Graduation freebies. I found some but it seemed incompatible with the pictures and the theme that I have in mind. (I made the word freebies because as I always say, I make layouts out of free stuff only, never had the money guts to buy 'em.)

Once again, while doing my freebie-hunt, I stumbled upon Digital Scrapbook Experts and I got hooked up with their Introductory Note and I quoted it here:
A few years ago, my mom and I set out to create a traditional scrapbook themed on our family history. Our plan was to create one page about each of our ancestors and duplicate each page for everyone in our family (5 copies)... BY HAND! We met once a week to work on the scrapbooks, and it didn’t take us too long to find the reasons WHY traditional scrapbooking was not the best method for our project.
This is what we discovered:
We couldn’t copy the scrapbooks – we had to make them one by one so what would have taken 2 hours actually took 10 hours! …If only we had an easy and simple way to make multiple copies… 
Every time we made a spelling error or wrote in the wrong date of an event, we had to start over. We couldn’t just erase it and fix it on the spot! I could really see the need for “white out” for scrap books! If we wanted to use a button or ribbon as part of the design, we needed another button or ribbon for every scrap book. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just download a digital image of the button or ribbon or whatever and use it over and over and over again? Instead of having fun making these scrapbooks and getting our project done on time, we had BIG PROBLEMS!

I honestly say that I can relate to this dilemma. So we really have to be thankful to the person who first invented this Digital Scrapbooking! Now, Scrapbooking have become more flexible, easy and fun! The site offers lots of tutorials and freebies as well. Though I didn't find the freebies that I am looking for, at least I found another source for my Digiscrapping needs. Of course, I signed up to them and made myself a member of their group. It's interesting because they intend to share their knowledge, tips and tricks in making high quality scrapbook kits. Tutorials can be found on the site itself but they also offer tutorials in CDs for easy sharing with your loved ones and friends. I don't think that they would allow cd duplication for it but perhaps it is okay if it will be intended for personal use only. Just let them know that you want it and I guess they will just have to charge you for the shipping fee. Nevertheless, you can just browse their site for more infos. 

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