Monday, March 28, 2011

We Love To Be... HOME!

Digital Scrapping has always been my breather whenever I feel like drowning from work just like tonight. I couldn't finish what I am writing and so instead of browsing my Facebook account again while I eat this piece of cake which hubby willingly sliced for me using his newly bought cake cutter (I don't know but he fancied this product the minute we saw it at the supermarket), I just opened my Photoshop Application and created this craft.


Beditme is what me and the kids love especially if Daddy is in the mood of having pictures with us. These memorable photos of us will forever remain not only in our children’s mind but most of all, in their hearts. Unfortunately, Erin Girl was not in the picture because she was busy taking our pictures! Yes, Erin Girl took the chance of playing with Mommy’s cellphone and she was the one who initiated these bedtime pictorial session.

We love to be HOME!

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