Monday, August 22, 2011

A Shameful Truth

After getting my groove into Digital Scrapbook again, I couldn't help myself from searching and searching for lots of freebies. Looking back before, I don't usually scour for free templates instead I looked for free kits alone. I stick to my simple and plain layout ideas. It's not because I don't find any appealing templates, as a matter of fact I found lots of it. Here's the shameful part, before, I don't how to use these free templates! Ugh! I know, I know! It only proved that I am a "trying-hard" digital scrapper after all. Well, the reason why I didn't bother to learn how to use them is because I am busy. I have handful of online and offline tasks during that time and studying and learning about templates can eat much of my precious time.

But hey, hey, hey! Now I know! In fact I'm getting addicted to it! I used free templates in my two previous layouts and it was a breeze! As of the moment I have few downloaded free templates on my lappy that I am sure would need to be stored and saved in CD/DVD anytime soon or else everything will go slow again. And to share my recent source of free templates, click on the photo below and you will be led to Manda Girl's Page.

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